Полная аудиоверсия пилота "Супернова" проекта "Вавилон-6"

The screen lights up. The camera is floating in hyperspace.

Inscription appears: July 1, 2338.

Voice-over: Seventy-seven years ago, in the fire of a terrible war, the new hope for the peaceful coexistence of intelligent races of the galaxy was born – the Interstellar Alliance. Over the years, the Alliance steadfastly endured many harsh trials – the war with Drakhs, an uninterrupted discord among its members, a persistent mistrust and many battles. However, from the main unifying force and the guarantor of the peace, the Alliance, over time, increasingly began to resemble a technology club and a charitable foundation. Many races aimed to use all the benefits provided by the Alliance, but did not give anything in return. Strengthened, developed economically and technologically, many allies beсame ravenous, tried to undermine the authority and control of the Alliance over themselves, because the Alliance kept them from expanding into other worlds, prevented more aggressive races from seizing power in their regions of space. What the Alliance leadership did for the good of other nations was perceived with hostility. Alliance has become for many a hindrance.

Thus, minor disputes and claims have developed into quite serious conflicts, often paralyzing the actions of Alliance. Gradually, a kind of mini-unions began to crystallize, pursuing their own interests, thereby weakening the Interstellar Alliance. Everything led to the moment of change. Either the Alliance undertakes something and saves itself, or finally collapses, having lost the meaning of existence.

Whitestar flies past the camera

Hyperspace. On board of Whitestar:

The official representative of the Alliance (a human) is returning to Minbar from his last mission and talking in his cabin with the ship’s captain (a human being). He’s annoyed at the outcome of the flight.

Representative: I am serving the interests of the Alliance for twelve years. But every year this task becomes more and more difficult. Why these idiots… (trying not to use ugly expressions) When they were pinned, all required assistance. Now all became independent and began to take advantage. They are ready to torn to shreds any rival if only it is to their advantage. Any attempt to find a compromise beneficial to all is tackled at source. The impression is that the Alliance has long been useless.

Captain (jokingly): Maybe we should call the Shadows back? Then everyone will certainly come running to us for support, ready to accept any conditions.

Representative (took a joke): That’s a great idea. Upon arrival at the Minbar, I will definitely tell it to the president. No, I know, of course, that every nation has its own interests, but we still form one community, one union. It is necessary to think about it… at least for decency.

Captain (now seriously): So, Rangers shouldn’t count on additional funds?

Representative (negatively shaking his head): It is interesting. Some refuse to finance the Rangers due to the fact that the latter are hindering their slowly sprouting expansionist plans. Others, on the contrary, believe that the Rangers are not sufficiently protecting their interests, and therefore refuse to support them.

Captain: Did you manage to resolve the territorial issues between the Conglomerate and the Earth Community?

Representative: Vree – peaceful and not ambitious race, clearly that people are stirring things up. Seeing that a man had flown in, they didn’t even begin to talk, but asked for another representative. In principle, they can be understood; racial identity often plays a large role.

Captain: Maybe you’re right.

Representative (smiling and lifting his index finger up): Of course. After all I have already been twelve years…

At this point, strange sensor sightings are reported from the bridge. The captain apologises and hurries to his seat. As soon as he steps on the bridge, his deputy reports that something is moving away from the path in hyperspace. Due to interferences, it is impossible to determine what. However, this is rapidly approaching.

The first officer looks at the data coming from the sensors with a shocked look. He does not have time to say anything, as a dark silhouette emerges in the fog of hyperspace. A second later, a powerful laser charge hits the Whitestar. Its fragments are scattering, and many silhouettes of some ships flying by emerge in the frame.

Voice-over: Humans have a proverb: «The road to hell is paved with good intentions». And the Universe tends to follow the wisdom of the mind inhabiting it. It surprises us, whether it’s joy or pain, disasters or great things, darkness or light. It’s testing us over and over. Never allowing you to relax, throws into the icy waters of new difficulties, wars and disasters. But overcoming obstacles we grow, giving birth to heroes and villains, sages and fools in each generation, folding legends and carrying prophecies through the centuries. When we reach new, unprecedented peaks, the Universe does not take long. It presents another surprise, reminding living beings of their own wisdom, dooming them to new trials, sufferings and sacrifices. But there is only one thing that cannot be taken away from us. It gives us great power, great energy, able to crush any obstacles. It is hope. Even in the most difficult moments of life it is smoldering in our hearts, in times of great change to break out like a supernova.

And now the time has come.

The screen darkens, unfamiliar ships still flying by.

Minbari Federation. Grey Council Ship:

Grey Council had gathered at the alarm.

The first (confused): What happened?

The second (excited): Our outpost has been attacked.

The first: (angry): Who dared?

The third: Unknown.

The first Any casualties?

The third:  The outpost has been completely destroyed. No one survived.

The fourth: (coming in): Whoever it is, they will pay for what they have done.

The third: We sent a probe for investigation.

After a couple of seconds, the image transmitted from the probe appears on the screen. We can see the hyperspace. There are data on the approximation of a large number of objects. This is a fleet of ships of unknown design. Once a shot has been fired, the probe is disappeared.

The first (alarmed): They are flying to Minbar.

The third: We need to notify the Alliance.

The fourth: Please. The Warrior Caste can do it itself.

The third: Maybe. But what if not? We’ve never encountered these ships. We can’t risk our own existence. Humans made the similar mistake in their time by killing Dukhat. We will notify the Alliance only because our fleet does not have enough time to fully assemble to repel an aggression. That’s why we have allies to help in difficult times… or not?

Sector of the Earth. Heavy destroyer “Basilisk”. Bridge:

Nico Nataki – the captain of the ship is sitting in his chair. First officer Marc Darge enters.

Nataki: How are things, commander?

Darge: It’s all right, captain. Landlubbers on board, as well as all the equipment.

Nataki: Fine. Tell base we’re leaving orbit. Course: Proxima system.

Darge: Yes, captain.

Nataki: Commander,where’s Kell?

Darge: Lieutenant is caring about the location of the space troopers.

Hyperspace. Heavy destroyer “Basilisk”. Officer conference room in the trooper compartment:

Lieutenant Kell and the commanders of the trooper regiments are sitting at the table.

Commander 1: You did know that we would be on Board.

Kell: Nevertheless, our ship – which should now be in a completely different place – did not have enough time to prepare for the troopers arrive. Understand, the order for your relocation came at the very last moment.

Commander 2: However…

At this point, an alarm sounds.

Commander 2: What the hell?

Kell’s comm is beeping. It’s Darge.

Darge: Lieutenant Kell, urgently to captain.

Kell (to troopers, not without relief): I’m sorry, gentlemen, but I must leave you.

All rise, give each other the honor and diverge.

Hyperspace. Heavy destroyer “Basilisk”. Captain’s office:

Nataki and Darge are sitting in the office. The door opens and Kell enters.

Nataki: Sit down, Lieutenant.

Kell sits down and drawing attention to a holographic map burning above the table.

Nataki: Gentlemen, we’ve been ordered to move immediately in… this sector.

The captain points to the target on the map.

Kell (surprised): This is the territory of the Minbari Federation.

Nataki: Right. We’re not alone. Only about 50% of the fleet was sent there.

Darge: And the Minbari?

Nataki: This is their request. The order came from the President of the Interstellar Alliance. Minbari have been attacked.

Kell (shocked): Who?

Nataki: Unknown. (there’s a brief pause) We’re going to war, gentlemen.

Minbari Federation. Open space. Minbari fleet (the day after):

Hastily assembled Minbari forces (about 300-400 ships) are waiting for the arrival of the enemy fleet next to a small colony called Tala. Jumppoint are opening before them open, and there is a whole lot of ships of unknown design. It is obvious that the numerical advantage is on the side of the unknown. Without delay, both sides are opening fire.

Enemy battleships are approaching in a dense formation, leading continuous fire from heavy guns on the Minbar forces. Small ships with the support of fighters are trying to break through from the flanks and crush the defenses to the battleships were able to make the environment.

Minbars actively resist, with great effort throwing fighters from one particularly hot spot to another.

Minbari Cruiser Control Center “Anavo”:

Captain Runnell and his first officer are watching the battle.

Runnel (depressed): They are unusually strong. The left flank is almost breached.

It can be seen on the screen how the Minbar cruiser is exploding to the left of the” Anavo”, struck by a volley of the enemy ship.

Runnell: come on, come on. We gotta go.

Minbari Federation. Space. Battle:

It is shown how the enemy are skillfully using its numerical superiority. Minbar manage to fight off several attempts to encircle them, but the initiative is completely on the side of the enemy.

Control the Minbari cruiser “Anava”:

First officer: Captain, we have order to retreat. We must open the Hyperpass and hold it until the main forces are gone.

Runnel (still depressed): Ok, Saden. We will hold on to the last.

First officer (bowing his head): in the name of Valen.

Minbari Federation. Space. Battle:

Enemy ships are so strong that, after a hard battle, Minbars are forced to retreat. During the retreat almost all ships are destroyed, including “Anava”. It is seen as the ship struck by a volley of the enemy splits. Enemy fighters, flying past, make a few more control shots. (all movements are slow; the screen is darkening)

Despite its own losses, the enemy fleet moves on.

July 3, 2338.

Minbari Federation. Minbar. The residence of Alliance. President’s office:

The President of the Alliance (a human being) throws thunder and lightning in his office. He is looking at the reports, throwing them angrily aside.

President (to himself): Earth and Narns sent their fleets to protect Minbar without blinking an eye. Even weakened over the years of tragedies Centauri sent four aircraft carriers with escort. Why the hell did the others refuse to provide the armed forces, sending only… two, three dozen ships each?

Assistant voice: Mr. President, Drazi’s representative is on line, as you requested.

President: on screen. (when the Drazi is appearing on the screen) are you kidding me? Why doesn’t your government adhere to the laws of the Alliance?

Representative of Drazi: there is an invasion of another race in our region, we cannot leave their worlds without protection. Our probes have spotted a strange formation in hyperspace. If we pull our forces away from our home worlds, they will be attacked.

President (angrily): Yes, you know very well that there are no “fragments” of the enemy fleet.

Drazi: you don’t know that. And we can’t take any chances.

President (losing control): No, I know! You used the Alliance to get its help and the technology of more advanced nations. Now you do not need it, and you dream of its collapse. And the attack on Minbar you have just at hand.

Drazi (raised tone): you forget yourself, Mr. President. Our grandfathers fought together against the Darkness. In heavy fighting Drazi earned their right to equality.

President: No. Drazi tend to dominate in the region. It’s not equality, it’s expansion. The Alliance will not allow other worlds to be threatened.

Drazi (intending to interrupt the conversation): have a good day, Mr. President. I hope we will continue our conversation in a month, at a meeting of the Alliance Council. Maybe then you’ll cool off a little.

President (angrily to the computer): Off!

The president slams his fist on the table. A hint of Drazi that the planned meeting of the Council of the Alliance at the Minbar will not take place if the Minbari lose this war pisses him off.

The door opens and the assistant of the president enters the office. His name is Volan, he is a Minbari, but so closely associated with humans and other races by virtue of his duties that it affected his behavior and manner of conversation. Even the Minbari attire does not correspond to the classical style, but rather is some kind of hybrid of fashion of humans and Minbari attire, which looks quite organic and official.

Volan: All those same excuses?

President (ignoring the question): how’s the Gray Council?

Volan: Everyone is very concerned. The defeat at Tala seriously frightened them.

President: I need you to go to the Fellans and convince them to send part of their fleet here.

Volan: they’re far away, isn’t it better to send a signal?

President: the message has already been sent by tachyon, but I want you to meet with them personally and not give them the opportunity to even delay. «Bluestar-112» is waiting. I’ll give you two more rangers to escort. Go now!

Volan (bowing his head in farewell): I will do everything in my power.

Volan leaves, and the President turns on the holographic screen and begins to look through something there, puzzled, shaking his head.

July 4, 2338.

Minbari Federation. Space:

At this time, the Minbari assembled ships of the Earth Alliance. Narns, Centauri and Rangers are preparing for a new battle, defending the penultimate large military base on the way to Minbar.

Minbari Federation. Bridge of the flagship of the Narn fleet:

The commander is communicating with the rest of their ships.

Commander: Attention! Our ships will enter the battle first. We launch energy mines and give a volley of the main guns. EA ships have pledged to secure the flanks. Minbar and the rangers will launch a frontal assault right after our attack. We’ll have to slow down to let them go ahead. Shu’Court, your ship will stay a little behind to close us down as a precaution.

Minbari Federation. Bridge of another Narn ship:

Shu’Court: Okay. What about Centauri?

Minbari Federation. Bridge of the flagship of the Narn fleet:

Commander: Together with two ships of EA they will try to hit from the left flank and catch the enemy by surprise. Centauri fighters are maneuverable and will try to infiltrate deep into the enemy system and make a mess in their ranks.

Officer (excitedly): Hyper passages are opening. They’re here.

Everyone is looking at the screens confused. Something’s clearly wrong.


Commander (alarmed): that’s not all.

Officer (perplexed): According to the data received from Minbar, there is only a third of the enemy fleet.

Commander: Shit! Where are the others?

Minbari Federation. Colony Sarvival:

At same time, Minbari colony, which, in fact, is away from the path of the enemy fleet, opens hyper passages. Many ships leave hyperspace, immediately opening fire. Minor defense, consisting of a small orbital station and a group of fighters, instantly destroyed. Several attacking ships are landing, the rest of the fleet is immediately re-entering hyperspace.

Minbari Federation. Cosmos:

Both fleets are converging, and advanced ships open fire. Fighters rush like sparks of fire in a gust of wind, striking at the enemy.

Battleships of the unknown fleets are shortening the distance, and then something unexpected happens. Coming to the enemy battleships ships suddenly lose maneuverability, and the battleships cease to fire from heavy guns.

Minbari Federation. The battle at the military base. The bridge of the EA destroyer «Landsknecht»:

Crew members are moving as if gravity inside the ship were almost absent.

Captain (confused): what’s going on? King?

The first assistant King (something right of the display): it is difficult to say with certainty, but it seems that they have cut off the gravity engines.

Captain: How?!

King (safer captain): I’m trying to find out.

Minbari Federation. The battle at the military base. Cosmos:

While most of the large ships on both sides were losing maneuverability, small ships unknown aggressor zealously rushed into battle, taking advantage of the situation. Alliance fleet is suffering heavy losses.

Minbari Federation. Minbar:

Delenn is meditating in an ancient temple on the outskirts of the capital. Two rangers guard her.

At the entrance there is a young minbari (religious caste). Rangers stop him, but Delenn, sitting with his back to the entrance, still notices it and asks them to let him go.

He walks up, bows and sits down next to Delenn. The kid looks weary at him.

Minbari (bowing his head): we finally found him. He serves as a second officer on the EA destroyer “Basilisk”. His name is Christopher…

Delenn: Where is this ship now?

Minbari: In battle. Along with other Earth’s ships.

Delenn closes his eyes and is silent. Minbar is waiting, but nothing else happens.

Minbari (hesitantly): it is possible to deliver it on Minbar.

Delenn (opening eyes): No. He must do his duty. If he survives, we’ll find a way to meet.

Minbari: He will definitely survive. He did…

Delenn (interrupting and very quiet): …man.

Minbari (breaking off): Yes, of course. Here is information about him.

He puts the data crystal in front of Delenn, bows, stands up and quietly removes it. Delenn is continuing to meditate, oblivious to the crystal lying nearby.

Minbari Federation. The battle at the military base. Cosmos:

The battle is in full swing. As soon as the main forces of the Alliance restore the gravitational system, put forward new battleships and again jam them.

Minbari Federation. The battle at the military base. The bridge of the destroyer of the earth “Landsknecht”:

King (joyfully): Found the reason! These huge things sticking up on their battleships emit some kind of anti-gravity pulse, which takes our systems out of order. It seems … there may be an option … to try and shield the ship from him.

Captain: Go! Comm. operator immediately tell the fleet to strenuously attack enemy interference generators.

Minbari Federation. The battle at the military base. Cosmos:

With great difficulty, Alliance fleet begins to take the initiative, causing more damage to the aggressors.

Slowly but surely, the battle is coming to an end.

Minbari Federation. The site of the battle. Bridge of the flagship of the Narn fleet:

Commander: we have nothing more to do here. We must hurry. Tell your allies to move on.

Officer: Yes. We’re just getting confirmation.

Commander: Excellent. Pick up the fighters and leave. Shu’Kort, your ship stays here. Take care of the wounded.

Minbari Federation. Bridge of another Narn ship:

Shu’Court (with obvious dissatisfaction in his voice): My ship is in perfect order. Let’s leave the more damaged ship. I’ll be more useful in battle.

Minbari Federation. Bridge of the flagship of the Narn fleet:

Commander: No. I gave you a clear order. Do it! We can manage without you. (more gently) Save as much as you can here.

Minbari Federation. Bridge of another Narn ship:

Shu’Court, hiding his displeasure, bows his head and disconnects the connection.

Minbari Federation. Space:

The allied fleet leaves several small ships under the protection of the Narn cruiser and hurries to the last colony in front of Minbar. Because there is flying the enemy’s fleet, having flown around the Alliance forces.

Minbari Federation. Minbar. The residence of the Interstellar Alliance:

A meeting of the president of the alliance with the military is taking place at Minbar.

EA Admiral: The situation is unfavorable. Despite the fact that almost half of all enemy forces have been destroyed, heavy losses are on our side. Our ships are gradually tightened from different areas of the Earth Alliance, but not everyone is in time. Much depends on the allies.

Commander Narn: I ordered to send several larger ships. But they will arrive only in two days.

Representative of Centauri: Unfortunately, we can no longer help. Our squadron is the elite of the armed forces. There is simply nothing more to send.

Shai-alyt warrior caste (Minbari): Just received information that the enemy is besieging Sarvival. This is one of our largest colonies. We cannot send ships there to lift the siege. But the population of the colony must be immediately evacuated.

President (explains to everyone why the Minbari cannot allocate ships): We plan to have time to pull off reserves to the last colony on the approaches to Minbar. They must detain the enemy until the arrival of the main forces. The enemy managed to fool us. Now the alliance fleet is about three hours behind the enemy’s fleet.

Narn (puzzled): Just three hours. But they decide the outcome of the war. When will the enemy arrive?

Minbar: After 32 hours of terrestrial time.

Narn: Damn it. This is not enough.

President: The ships of our … “smaller” allies also do not have time.

Centauri (sarcastic): The few that they sent.

President: Right. But now is not the time to sort things out. Let’s return to Sarvival. Admiral, we need your troops.


The main fleet of the alliance is moving to intercept the enemy fleet.

On the bridge of the destroyer class “Crusader” “Damocles”:

The ship’s commander, Major John Richter, with a puzzled look, is studying the report on the last battle with the enemy. The holographic screen shows how the alliance ships are strenuously striking the gravitational silencers of enemy battleships.

Communication Officer: Major, he received an order to move to the Minbari colony of Sarvival, land a landing party and in every possible way facilitate the evacuation of the civilian population.

Richter: Are we alone?

Communication officer: Corvette “Lotofag” accompanied.

Richter: Good. Change the course.


“Damocles” leaves the line accompanied by one corvette, heading to carry out the order.

Hyperspace. Destroyer “Damocles”:

Two hours later, in the conference hall, the captain, his first officer and the commanders of the landing regiments are discussing the upcoming operation.

Richter: We do not have accurate data on the forces of the enemy on the planet, as well as on the orbital grouping. Probably there is only one ship. But what is happening on the surface is unknown.

Commander of the landing: You just take us to the place, we will understand.

First officer: How many evacuation ships?

Richter: Only those transports that are in the colony.

First officer (perplexed): How to evacuate? Transportation is not enough.

Richter: Landing there, the civilian population back. Together with transports, in this way we will have to pull out about hundreds of thousands of inhabitants from this hell.

Commander of the landing: How many of them are there?

Richter: About half a million. That is, the Damocles would have to leave the colony in order to deliver the Minbar to a safe place. Marines will have to stay on the planet and hold positions until we take out all.

Commander of the landing: Not the first time, captain. My guys will stand.

First Officer: Do not forget, the forces of the enemy are something unknown. We cannot now make hasty conclusions. Have you seen how strong their ships are? Each battleship is able to grapple with the Minbari’s “Nerun”. It is not known what awaits us on the planet.

Richter (to the others): Lieutenant is right. You cannot make mistakes. We are the only hope of Sarvival.

Squadron commander: If the enemy is so strong, why didn’t the Minbar send their cruiser?

Richter: Sharlins and Neruns are better in the space battle, so they are more necessary there, on the approaches to Minbar. In addition, they have not enough troops for this operation. Yes, and in our fleet at the moment, only two ships with troops: “Damocles” and “Basilisk.” And that only by chance. So, get ready for a hard fight, gentlemen officers. That’s all.


The Alliance fleet is approaching the last line in front of Minbar, where there is already a battle between the Alliance reserves and the enemy.

Hyperspace. Destroyer “Basilisk”:

The captain passes the orders of the commander to the crew.

Attention! In about ten minutes, we’ll leave hyperspace and go straight to hell. Be prepared. Lieutenant Kell, you’re launching with the fighters on your Black angel. You will lead the attacking squadron.

Kell (leaving the bridge): Yes, captain.

Nataki: Command gave clear instructions. Since the Basilisk has 50,000 troops on Board, we’ll have to stay behind. We can’t go to the front line with that load. Let’s hope, we’ll get luck. All right, everybody get ready.

Minbari Federation. In orbit of the colony of Sarvival:

“Damocles” and “Lotofag” leave hyperspace. Fighters are already outside.

Near the colony. Destroyer “Damocles”:

Navigator: Major, I see one enemy ship. Obviously, it blocks the planet, knocking down all those who are trying to leave the surface.

Richter: Let’s show what humans are able to do. Fire with all guns!

Minbari Federation. Near the last major base near Minbar:

There is a battle between the reserve forces of the Minbar and the enemy fleet. Fortunately, the ships of other allies arrived at the scene of the events, which allowed the reserve to hold out longer. Hyper passages are opened, and the main fleet of the alliance enters the battle.

Thanks to Commander King’s method of countering the enemy’s gravitational silencers, the Alliance’s fleet is able to fight more successfully.

The destroyer “Basilisk.” Bridge:

Nataky (by contacting Kell): Lieutenant, we cannot fight on the front line. I hope you send warm greetings from us and kick ass to these bastards.

The destroyer “Basilisk.” Fighter Cove:

Fighters one by one leave the ship. Visible is the cabin in which Kell sits.

Kell (decisively): Yes, captain.

Minbari Federation. In orbit of the colony of Sarvival:

“Damocles” and escort spew volley from all energy tools aimed at the enemy. Rocket launchers start spitting rockets. The enemy cruiser obviously anticipated the appearance of aid for the colony, so an unexpected attack does not work. Tied up space battle. EA heavy destroyer, corvette and 42 “Thunderer” against the cruiser and two dozen enemy fighters.

The fight lasts a few minutes, but the Damocles withstands heavy blows and crushes the enemy. However, the corvette has less luck. Only twenty-six crew members manage to evacuate before the corvette splits into pieces.

In orbit of Sarvival colony. Destroyer “Damocles”:

Richter (via the Landing Channel): We are in orbit. Prepare for landing. We’ll act according to plan.

Minbari Federation. Near the last major base near Minbar:

The battle is in full swing. It is clear that Lieutenant Kell’s Black Angel is fighting. An enemy fighter suddenly knocks his cover up and sits on Kell’s tail. The situation is extremely dangerous – one shot, and the Black Angel will be shot down. But suddenly a white “Thunderer” appears from behind depicting a wolf snout on board. With a sharp maneuver he sits on the tail of an enemy fighter and knocks him down.

Fighter of Kell:

The lieutenant notices who saved him. A joyful smile appears on his face.

Kell (fun): Very glad to see you, “Wolf.” And thanks!

Voice: Better watch yourself or you will become an angel. I can’t always save you.

Kell: Who knows, who knows. Good luck!

White Thunderer makes a new maneuver and is removed.

In orbit of the colony of Sarvival:

Amphibious shuttles enter the atmosphere and are sent to those regions of the colony that are not yet occupied by the enemy. Rare shooting is conducted on them, but the first wave lands without problems on the surface.

On the surface of Sarvival:

Marines make their way to the front. Civilians in a panic run to the shuttles. Minbari warriors from the last forces are trying to keep the onslaught. They bring humans up to date. At the first collision, it becomes clear that this is not about the enemy’s manpower, but about robots or cyborgs, which in large groups are cleaning the colony, not sparing anyone, destroying everything that moves.

According to the first data, about a hundred thousand colonists have already died.

In orbit of Sarvival colony. Destroyer “Damocles”:

Richter: Attention fighter squadrons! We received from the surface the first coordinates about the location of the enemy forces. Immediately enter the links in the atmosphere and work on goals! Squadron Theta, after the shelling of enemy positions, your task is to cover the shuttle traps taking off with the colonists.

Squadron Commander Theta: Yes, Major.

Minbari Federation. Near the last major base near Minbar:

The battle is in full swing. The fleet of the alliance is slowly but surely beginning to take over. However, the enemy is tricky. His fleet is divided into two parts. The first continues to fight. The second one, shooting, heads for the base. The alliance fleet fails to intercept it in time. She, flying over the colony, drops several powerful bombs to the planet and immediately opens the jumppoints. Alliance ships are trying to prevent it, but do not have time.

Minbari Federation. Minbar Alliance Residence:

The president of the alliance is following the main battle on the holographic screen. He notes that the enemy strongly concentrates his fire on large ships, especially on Victory and Charlene. White Stars are also a target for enemy escort ships. The ships of Centauri seem to be of little interest to them.

Suddenly the president is informed that the Gray Council wants to talk to him.

President: Of course. Connect us.

Representative of the Gray Council (when the connection is established): Mr. President, we have just learned that part of the enemy ships went into hyperspace.

President: Their goal?

Representative: Minbar. Mr. President, along with the ship of the Gray Council in the orbit of Minbar there are five more ships. This is not enough. We ordered our forces to return immediately to their home planet. But they are a little late.

President: I understand. I hope the forces of the Allies will triumph over the colony and without the “Charlene”.

Representative: Probably. Mr. President, we also wanted to advise you to leave Minbar. Just in case.

President: No. I’m not going anywhere. This is my responsibility.

The representative bows his head in deference. The screen goes blank.

July 5, 2338th year.

Minbar’s orbit (in a few minutes):

Enemy ships leave hyperspace in front of Minbar. The battle with the cruiser Gray Council and its escort is started. Next come the forces of the Minbar. But the situation is bad. Forces are approximately equal, and everything threatens to end in one big catastrophe. The enemy makes his way to Minbar when a hyper window opens from above and a four of earthly ships take off from there: 2 Crusaders, a corvette and a light cruiser of the Gemini class. Next out of hyperspace there is a group of ships of the Confederate Belt.

Now the advantage goes to the side of the alliance. But the enemy is too close to the planet. His ships open fire on the surface, as if they no longer cared about the defenders’ ships, and they did not care about their own destiny. At the same moment, two Narn battleships with fighters leave hyperspace, and all together finish off the enemy.

At first there is no time to reflect on what happened. The ships again start to the colony to help the allies.

Minbari Federation. Sarvival colony:

On the surface of the colony there is heavy fighting. Thanks to the support of fighters, the paratroopers manage to hold back the onslaught of robots, evacuating the population literally at death from under their noses.

In orbit of Sarvival colony:

“Damocles” goes out of hyperspace. He took away the first batch of evacuees. Now the shuttles fly again to the planet to pick up the second.

Orbit colony Sarvival. Destroyer “Damocles”:

Comm. operator: Major, a message has arrived. Enemy fleet destroyed. But … (depressed) Minbar was bombarded.

Richter (as if a dagger had been thrust into his heart): How many victims? What is the residence of the alliance?

Comm. operator: Unknown yet. The command sent us support.

Richter: Good. Continue evacuation.

The major rises and goes to his apartment. There he is trying to contact Minbar. He does not succeed. The command is communicating.

Richter (excitedly): I was informed about the bombing of Minbar. It’s true?

Admiral (with true regret): Yes, Major. I’m sorry.

Richter (angrily): What do you mean, sorry?

Admiral: The capital lies in ruins. Alliance residence … destroyed.

Richter (moves back, trying to sit down somewhere): Oh, no.

Admiral: I’m sorry, Major. I know your son served in the presidential guard … We could not … prevent it. The Gray Council asked the president to leave Minbar, but he did not listen.

Minbari Federation. Minbar Military Hospital (in a few hours):

Young Minbari woman goes among the wounded. Moans are heard. The medical staff is overloaded and does not have time to take care of everyone.

The Minbari approaches a seriously wounded, bloody warrior who lies on a stretcher completely motionless and drills the ceiling with a dead look. She is worth some time watching. Then he stretches his hand and touches the warrior. He suddenly makes a wheezing breath.

Warrior (barely audible): I’m alive.

Minbari female frightened withdraws his hand, but then calms down and takes a medical device.

Minbari female: My name is Ramin. Can I help you with anything?

Warrior: I am Runnel.

Here doctors run up.

Medic: We will deal with them. You don’t have to worry.

Doctors quickly take away the stretcher with the wounded.

Ramin (silently): Nice to meet you, Runnel.

She still looks after him some time, then turns to the nurse standing next to her:

Ramin: This warrior who was taken, where is he from?

Nurse (in a conspiracy whisper): They say he is the only covering force who survived the first slaughter. They say they found him in a rescue capsule stuck in one of the fragments of the Sharlin.

Ramin: How terrible. It is just a miracle that he survived.

Minbari Federation. Minbar (a few days later):

The emergency meeting arrived representatives of all members of the alliance.

Minbari Federation. Minbar Conference hall:

In the hall there is a tough argument. Half of those present are standing and angrily waving their hands.

Representative of the Minbar (angrily): We did not invest so much in resources and resources in the alliance so that at the most difficult moment half of the allies refused to help us, allowed us to kill and left to die on the battlefield.

Representative of the EA (supporting the Minbari tone): We suffered heavy losses in this war. (pointing to the Minbari representative) Gray Council miraculously survived. Did you see what his ship turned into? The leadership of the alliance was literally shot from orbit. Or do you need to report losses? There are many of those. Want you?

Narn representative: Do you really not understand how important it is to stick together? Rangers were shabby. Who should now keep order in the Known space?

Representative of the Drazi (sharp tone): What are you shoving your Rangers into all holes? We ourselves are able to maintain order in this region.

Representative of the Earth Alliance: Oh, yes, it has been seen in the last days very colorful. In bloody tones, I would say.

Representative of Centauri: Why are you talking to them? After all, collapse of the alliance is beneficial for the Drazi. They have long set their sights on new territories.

Representative of Drazi (ominously): We know very well why Centauri sent their ships to battle. Thinking of bright ideals or of the salvation of the Minbari? Ugh! Yes, they are milking the alliance, and therefore hold on to him, as in … udder.

Several other representatives are loudly supporting Drazi.

Representative of the Brakiri (loudly, but calmly): We are all civilized races. Can we not find a common language?

The representative of the Minbari (calmer, but no less angry): We do not understand the language of cowards. And we will never forget what they did with us.

At the entrance to the hall stands Major Richter, with a sad face watching all this dispute. An admiral approaches him.

Admiral (thoughtfully): And for the sake of such creatures, we put our heads under the sword.

Richter (a tear shines on his cheek): Never again.

He removes the badge of the Earth Alliance Forces, the reward for the salvation of Sarvival, gives them to the admiral and leaves. The admiral sadly looks after him, then turns his head to the hall.

Representative of EA (loudly, losing patience): how long are you going to keep quarreling? Do we belong to the same alliance or not?

Representative of Minbarш (heading for the exit): Obviously not.

It can be seen how alliance representatives are arguing at the meeting. Delenn’s voice is heard offscreen:

And so the dream crumbles. Alliance lost its head. Minbarш, having suffered heavy losses, no longer wanted anything to do with those who did not come to their aid. It seems to me that it was even at hand. Everything comes back to the time when everyone was on his own, when the world was hanging on a thin thread that threatens to end at any moment.

Today, the alliance has split. Strong races suffered serious losses in the battle with an unknown enemy. This weakened them. Small worlds, having refused to provide real support, retained their strength. Rangers – still the main force of the alliance – as well as Minbari, could not so easily suffer such a heavy blow. Having overcome the enemy fleet, we, nevertheless, lost this war.

The camera moves from the meeting room through the window, rises up, showing the bombed-out city. Then rises to the stars and again descends to the temple on the outskirts of the city. In one of the rooms Delenn sits and prays at the candle with his back to the entrance. A ranger approaches her and says that she has a visitor. Delenn nods and the ranger introduces an elderly centauri.

Centauri: Greetings, Delenn!

Centauri sits on her knees at the entrance. Delenn does not turn.

Delenn: Glad to see you in good health. What brought you to me?

Centauri: I have come to … Everything is plunging into chaos, Delenn. I saw the future.

Delenn: And what is there?

Centauri (with fear in the eyes): Hate. Unbearable hatred, horror, and death … The universe cursed us. She will come to our souls … Soon.

Delenn (calmly, thoughtfully): But the future can be changed. Only hope is needed … and will.

Centauri (bows her head as she says goodbye): You know, I would not have done this way for nothing. The horror is coming, Delenn. I should have warned you.

Centauri rises and turns to the exit.

Delenn: Thank you, old friend.

Centauri (sinking for a moment): We all live on the edge … any mistake can be fatal.

Centauri leaves. Delenn reveals the palm on which the data crystal is brought, brought somehow by the Ranger.

Delenn (referring to the crystal): And you, my young friend, are waiting for the mission.

Minbari Temple:

At night. Delenn is alone in bed. She can’t sleep. She remembers her husband, John. Remembers friends who are no longer alive. Listening to the silence of the night, and heard the voice-overs:

(President from “In the Beginning”): This, we believe, is our last, greatest hope for the world.

(the voice of Delenn herself from “In the beginning”): But in the torment of this war, the future was born. The future, whose name will be pronounced with reverence in hundreds of worlds. Last resort of a dream. Our last, best hope for peace. Babylon 5.

(Sheridan): I love you, Delenn.

(Major Rayan): For us, there is only one safe place – Babylon 5.

(Sheridan): But can I hope?

(Lorien): Hope is all we have.

(Sheridan): Trust me. We will find a way out.

Delenn (turns on his back): How I would like you to be with me. I love you so much, John.

The night passes. Delenn, as always, meets the dawn, sitting on a bench.

(Voice of Londo off-screen): Sometimes it is dangerous here, but we took the risk, for Babylon 5 was our last hope for peace. … Babylon 5 was a dream come true: a dream of a galaxy without wars, where creatures from different worlds can live in peace respecting each other.

Ranger comes to Delenn. He bows his head, gives something to her and slowly leaves. Grief and weariness are visible in his eyes.

Delenn (mentally to herself): Even they lose hope. My friends, faithful servants of the order, guardians of the alliance. The flow of time washes everything. Almost all it washes away without a trace. But there are events, personalities, places that even it is difficult for him to plunge into oblivion. They turn into legends, keepers of dreams and hope.

Delenn (resolutely gets up): But sometimes there comes a time when the legends must return.


Earth Alliance. Cruiser class “Aurora” “Lucifer”:

Captain Kell is standing in front of the screen in his office. A man appears on the screen in the form of the Armed Forces of the Earth with the rank of admiral. He says something, then the text of the order appears on the screen. Kell begins to read it, and a surprise appears on his face.

Earth Alliance. In some city on Earth:

Visible to the usual house. Three high-ranking military men are standing at its door. The door opens and a blond woman of about fifty looks out. In her eyes visible sadness. She listens to what the military say to her, then moves away from the door, inviting them to enter.

Minbari Federation. Minbar Temple:

Ramin sits and meditates. A ranger comes up behind her and silently puts an envelope in front of her. Minbari woman opens her eyes and lifts the envelope. Opening it, she pulls out a letter, reads it, and a joyful smile appears on her somewhat surprised face.

Earth Alliance. In some city on Earth:

Same ordinary house. In the spacious room there are three officers. This is the admiral who commanded the fleet of Earth Alliance during the defense of Minbar, the former first officer of the Damocles and the unknown general so far. Opposite them is sitting in civilian clothes John Richter. The officers say something to him. At the entrance to the room there is a silent, blonde woman. Tears are visible on her eyes.

Earth Alliance. Unknown where. The premises of the military unit. Gym:

In the hall there are several soldiers in sportswear. They lead training fights in hand-to-hand combat. One of them, obviously the instructor, teaches something to others.

A sergeant enters the hall, calling for an instructor. When he turns on the call, the name plate is visible on his form, on which stands “P. Rousseau. The sergeant salutes and gives the instructor a piece of paper. He reads it and thoughtfully scratches his head.

Earth Alliance. Cruiser class “Aurora” “Phoenix”:

In the bay of fighters are the captain of the ship and the pilot in a closed helmet. They salute each other, and the pilot leaves.

It can be seen as a white “thunderbird” flies out of the cruiser with a picture of a wolf’s mouth on its nose. Fighter flies into the bay, waiting for his “White Star”, and she goes into hyperspace.

Earth Alliance. In some city on Earth:

Again the same house. The door opens, and John Richter comes out of it in a military uniform, on which the shoulder straps of the colonel are attached. He turns around, grabs the shoulders of a fair-haired woman, wiping away tears, embraces her and heads for the atmospheric shuttle waiting for him near the house.

Open space. Orbit of the planet Thorina-5:

The jumppoint opens, and the First Spacecraft of the Interstellar Alliance with representatives of most of the races-allies on board leaves the hyperspace near the planet.

Orbit Torina-5. Board of the ISA One ship:

Delenn enters the hall in which all the representatives have gathered, slowly, leaning on the staff. She is accompanied by two rangers. Everyone looks at Delenn in surprise, since no one expected to meet her.

Delenn (speaks slowly, addressing all those present): Eighty-three years ago the hope had ignited its lights, for which there was no place in the hearts before. And this hope has brought huge changes to the Universe. She shook her resilience and faith in justice. The name of that hope is “Babylon 5.” (she makes a short pause) Now it is a very difficult time. Everything disintegrates right before our eyes, threatening to overturn space in a new era of chaos and despair. That is why it is necessary to kindle new hope in the hearts. And there is no more suitable symbol for it than the Babylon-series station — Babylon-6.

The ISA One flies around the planet, and before the eyes of the defeated representatives, a space station sails, guarded by two, recorded as destroyed, destroyers of the Victory class and some Ranger ships.

Delenn: Yes, the alliance has serious problems, but it did not die. Hope lives always, even when it is almost impossible to perceive. Interstellar Alliance will be restored. (short pause) We invite all known worlds to send their ambassadors to the station in order to undertake the reanimation of the alliance, which is necessary for everyone. (short pause) Yes, in heavy battles against an unknown aggressor, the alliance has lost a lot of strength, but now it is again something more than a technology club or a charitable foundation that serves as a feeder for everyone.

A station is visible on the screen behind Delenn. It can be seen as it slowly increases as the ship approaches it.

Delenn: You all know who I am. No, I am not the president of the Alliance or the First Ranger. I have no any power. I’m just an old, weak woman. But I’ve lived a long life and realized the most important value of the universe. Unity. It’s up to you.

Delenn slowly departs, and a full view of the station opens. The camera is fliying through the screen, and the Babylon 6 lights up.

Babylon 6 space station