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Having fought alongside their allies in heavy battles against the Shadows, Centauri and Drakhs, the Brakiri have come to the conclusion that dual-purpose ships are not always a good thing after all. However, the effective use of White Stars, Vorchans, and even Drazi gunboats has shown that small, manoeuvrable and well-armed ships can play an even greater role on the battlefield than huge cruisers or battleships.

Звёздный дракон - крейсер
Звёздный дракон - крейсер

Small but mighty

In this regard, in 2279, the project of a new corvette for the Brakiri fleet began. At that time the newest technologies for civilisation were used, obtained, extracted or developed by their own forces.

The designers and armourers were tasked with creating a small ship with at least the firepower of an Avioki class cruiser, but superior in combat effectiveness.

Technical data



338 metres



303 metres



272 metres

Artificial gravity



18 Brakiri


2 gravimetric engines


1 Quantum Singularity

Hyperspace drive



5 years


Class B
Manoeuvring in the atmosphere possible


  • 2 twin heavy beam cannons
  • 2 twin pulse turrets
  • 14 missile launchers (ammunition 14)




  • 2-6 metres of polycrystaline armour with semi-organic coating
  • Tractor Beams

Exploration equipment

  • 5 exploration probes


  • 1-2 shuttles (on external docking)


In terms of weaponry, the Brakiri tried to adopt some technology from the Centauri and the Interstellar Alliance. Although the Alliance had given gravity technology to all members who needed it, military technology was not so easy to obtain. But due to the fact that the Brakiri territory was fiercely fought in the recent wars, it was possible to get something from the wreckage of ships. Thus, the designers got some samples of Centauri pulse armament, as well as Minbari beam cannons.

The armament of the corvette is exactly the Brakirian developments based on the research of the extracted technologies. The main guns are 360 degree rotating twin turrets with heavy beam guns. And on the bow are turrets with twin pulse cannons.


The hull is protected by polycrystalline armour coated with a semi-organic layer capable of absorbing and dissipating large amounts of energy and tightening breaches over time. This layer is a development of the Brakiri based on their study of Vorlon armour of White Star class ships. Unfortunately for the Brakiri, they were unable to achieve the same performance as the Ranger ships. The semi-organic layer was far from having the desired properties, although it was a big step forward for Brakiri scientists.

Production and battle use

In 2283, the first Tavi class corvettes began arriving in the fleet. Production was distributed so as not to be a burden to the economy, but also enough to ensure that the armed forces were able to get the required ship in a short time. By the outbreak of the Zarafin War in 2292, the Brakiri had 180 corvettes actively engaged in battle, providing firepower to the enemy and defence of larger ships, both their own and those of their allies. The Tavi performed well during this conflict and production continued.

Звёздный дракон - крейсер вид спереди
Звёздный дракон - крейсер вид сзади

Presence in the fleet

As of 2341, there were 224 Tavy-class corvettes in service.